Though school has just started again in the United States, many high school students are already looking forward to their first semester of college next fall. Choosing their postsecondary education institution is a huge decision. This decision is even more important when you factor in the spiritual impact (for better or worse) a college can have on a young person.

That’s why we’re here to help with this important decision by offering our free 2017 Creation College Expo at the Creation Museum November 3–4. This event features representatives from various creationist Christian colleges across the country. Each of the represented schools takes a bold stand on biblical authority, including a belief in biblical creation and a young earth. Speaking with reps about their schools and the programs they offer can help you and your student make an informed decision about postsecondary education.

As parents and young people consider college choices, please visit our special website at for a list of all colleges that agree with our Tenets of Creation.

Free Event with Additional Perks

While the College Expo is free, we do request that students register to help us prepare for your arrival. All registered students will receive complimentary tickets to the Creation Museum and the opportunity to win a $500 scholarship. Parents or chaperones accompanying their student will get a museum discount, and students and their families will also receive 20% off admission to the Ark Encounter.

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