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This free market solution can bring internet access to millions in rural America — no taxes needed

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The election of President Donald Trump underscored the immense divide between rural and urban Americans. While those in large population centers continue to gain access to better services and opportunities, rural Americans face a diametrically opposite situation. Primarily among those is a lack of basic, affordable broadband internet to tens of millions of rural Americans.

We live in an unprecedented era of digital communications, where rapid access to information at our fingertips is not simply a luxury, but a norm among urban Americans. This exponential expansion of knowledge has unleashed a veritable third industrial revolution — this time, in the digital world.

While those of us reading this piece have certainly reaped the rewards of the information revolution, 34,000,000 of our fellow Americans have been left behind.

Unlike Hillary Clinton’s campaign proposal to spend billions more tax dollars to bring broadband internet to rural areas, new technological developments have paved the way for the free market to deliver an efficient and timely solution to this critical issue.

After the federal government has wasted billions on this matter, isn’t it time we try something different?

One simple change to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules would unleash a flood of private investment into rural areas.

The secret? Use the infrastructure that’s already there.

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