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Matt Walsh: God’s Word hasn’t become less true just because it has become less popular

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Of course I wasn’t surprised yesterday when I passed by a church with a rainbow flag hanging off of it. And I wasn’t surprised that it had the words “God is still speaking” written across. That has been the motto of the United Church of Christ for sometime. And the United Church of Christ has long been an apostate cult that celebrates abortion and sodomy and all manner of other evils. It is less a church than it is a giant ecclesiastical Slip ‘n Slide plunging its congregants happily into Hell.

There are many such churches in existence. They are considerably worse than the Church of Satan — and considerably better at carrying out its mission — because they promote depravity and death under the guise of Christian theology. The flock is fooled, but, sadly, I don’t think that will be an effective excuse when they stand before the Throne of Judgment. Anyone who is fooled into adopting a theology that condones all that Our Lord has clearly condemned, wants to be fooled. They are complicit dupes. Perhaps one day when someone writes the history of western Christianity in the 21st century, “Complicit Dupes” should be the title of the book.

Still, even if we are all quite used to this sort of thing from these sorts of churches, there are three points worth making about them:

(1) It’s very important for us to realize that these churches, which have made sacraments of heresy and blasphemy, are not in any sense Christian. We are sometimes led to believe that we should have a “big tent” approach to the faith — and we should, but here is the important point: we are not the ones who decide the size or scope of the tent. Our Lord has already set up the tent, and only those who choose to live under it can be called Christian.

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