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Matt Walsh: We can’t save the public school system. We can only save our children from it.

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I have recently been slightly critical of the public school system. And by “recently” I mean relentlessly for the last decade. And by “slightly” I mean that I consider the public school system to be a cannibalistic mutation that brainwashes our children, devours their individuality and their creativity, and annihilates the moral values their parents instilled in them (if any were instilled at all).

After my latest string of harsh and warranted critiques of public school, I received, as I always do, many responses from extremely angry teachers. I thought I’d share one with you:

“Dear Matt, f*** you from the bottom of my heart. You are a terrible person. I work in the “evil” public school system and almost EVERYONE I work with is wonderful, hard working, and they love their students. Most teachers do an amazing job and are amazing people. The way you demonize teachers is despicable and hateful. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are the worst person I’ve ever come across on the internet.”

First let me say, in this upside down culture, I never shudder at being called “the worst.” Second, as I have clarified many times, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the good teachers who choose to wade into this jungle and salvage whatever can be salvaged from it. I do think good teachers exist. I doubt that the person who sent this email is in that category, seeing as she is incapable of handling criticism or articulating a logical counter argument, but, sure, there are good teachers. Of course there are.

Are “most” good? I doubt it. I certainly don’t think most are “amazing” and “wonderful.” There aren’t many professions where most of its professionals are amazing and wonderful, or even good. Why would teaching be any different? …

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