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The Resistance by Hal Lindsey

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In today’s political climate, at almost any public venue in America, a speaker can instantly divide the audience into distinct camps with just two words … Donald Trump.

That name can be incendiary in churches, families, businesses, schools, and whole communities. The President’s detractors see him as destructive to all that makes America great. Meanwhile, his proponents think he’s going to “make America great again.” A recent report on viewer ratings for cable news, showed Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow dominating. Hannity defends and promotes Trump with all his might day after day. Maddow attacks as hard as she can.

We are a divided nation.

But certain facts seem unassailable. First, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. Second, there is only one United States. Third, we only have one President at a time. Fourth, a weakened head of state weakens a nation. Fifth, a weakened United States makes the whole world a more dangerous place.

A true representative republic will have vigorous political debate. But recent rancor has gone far beyond politics. Early in the Trump presidency, comedian Sarah Silverman tweeted, “Wake up & join the resistance. Once the military is w(ith) us fascists get overthrown. Mad king and his handlers go bye bye.”

A few days later, Entertainment Weekly ran this headline; “Sarah Silverman walks back call for coup against Trump.” It’s hard to imagine. A popular entertainer had to “walk back” her call for a coup d’état in the United States of America. But, as far as I can see, she’s as popular now as ever.

Even though Silverman walked back the most extreme part of her statement, “the resistance” that she mentioned has become a real thing. In May, Hillary Clinton said, “I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.”

I don’t like the term “the resistance” because it evokes images of guerrilla warfare, such as with the French Resistance to the Nazis in World War II. But military terminology has so permeated political rhetoric that it has become a waste of time to complain about it.

In general, I agree that politicians, and most other citizens, should lawfully resist policies they see as hurtful or unfair. We hope for politicians who will offer positive solutions, but there’s also a place for resisting the other side.

Notice that I said, “most other citizens” should lawfully resist…

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