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Texas Drills down on Privacy

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The week isn’t getting any better for sexual anarchists, who not only saw their unpopular military agenda go down in flames, but yesterday, watched as Texas took another step to protecting privacy. After sailing through committee, Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (R) were thrilled to see S.B. 3 jump its second hurdle — passing the Senate by a 21-10 vote.

For Texans, who’ve insisted this issue is a priority, it was another sigh of relief on the long road to a common-sense policy. Like most Americans, the Lone Star State agrees that men shouldn’t be allowed to use girl’s restrooms, showers, or locker rooms. Sixty-nine percent, to be exact (and that includes 56 percent of Democrats!). “[Even] when Texans are told that some businesses believe legislation prohibiting men from using women’s bathrooms ‘might look discriminatory and could hurt businesses,’ opinions do not change substantially as 68 percent still support the proposed law to prohibit men from entering a public women’s shower, locker room or restroom,” said pollsters for the University of Texas/Texas Tribune.

That’s good news for conservatives, who’ve watched a number of corporate heavyweights ignore the facts and jump on the anarchists’ bandwagon. Squaring off against household names like Google hasn’t been easy, but leaders are determined to do what’s right for Texas — not kowtow to CEOs who won’t even adopt the liberal policies they’re advocating. Still, the UT survey says, “Lt. Governor Dan Patrick led the charge in… making [the privacy issue] more salient to Republicans,” said Jim Henson, who heads up the Texas Politics Project at UT. “It worked. Whatever their attitudes are, when we ask if it’s important for the Legislature to act, the number of Republicans who thought so increased 13 points from February to June — and 31 points among Tea Party Republicans [to 70 percent].”

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