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A Spine of the Times: Trump’s Nerve Spares Troops

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The American people knew what they were getting when they elected Donald Trump: a brassy, politically-incorrect, outsider. Tired of Republicans that ran from the fight, they elected a man who wasn’t afraid of anyone. And he’s not disappointed them. Like most conservatives, I don’t agree with everything the president has done or said. But no one can deny the gutsy leadership he’s offered on issues the rest of his political class tries to avoid.

When the president ordered a halt to the Obama era transgender military policy, it was the first time in years that Americans got a glimpse of a Republican who wasn’t content to push pause on radically liberal policy of his predecessor. Instead, he hit rewind. Unmoved by the media’s backlash or the Left’s hysteria, Trump did what he said he would: put the military’s focus where it belongs. Yesterday’s decision to free the troops from the shackles of the Obama years was just the latest chapter in a story of bold strokes. But it came with a familiar price.

The media, who’s used to hearing the GOP talk about values (but rarely have the stomach to act on them), was overwrought. After all, they aren’t used to politicians who can’t be cowed by the usual LGBT threats. Headlines warned of lawsuits, protests, and even a Democratic campaign to overrule him. Others, like Newsweek, are blaming FRC for its influence in the White House. But President Trump, who’s taken more negative press than any man in his job, was unconcerned. He knows the press will attack him no matter what he does, so he might as well do what’s in the best interest of national security. And, like us, the White House is quite aware that they have the backing of more important people: voters.

Only 23 percent of America believes as the Left does, that the military should be a petri dish for social experimentation. Even yesterday, the country had Trump’s back, flocking to his Twitter account to show their support. By night’s end, the president’s announcement had as many as 132,000 likes on Twitter each — making them some of his most popular tweets all summer. If the decision to restore the military was controversial, you could have fooled voters. After all, they understand what so many in the media do not: that the president is simply reinforcing the GOP values he pledged to uphold last July. If people are surprised by Trump’s agenda, then they weren’t paying attention.

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