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Your Emotions Often Lie to You

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Here’s the reason why: the mind, the body, and the spirit are very close neighbors. One usually catches the ills of the next. If a person is depressed, for example, his mood typically affects not only his emotional wellbeing, but his spiritual life too. He may conclude, for example, “God doesn’t love me. I just don’t feel His approval.” Likewise, the first thing an individual is likely to say when diagnosed with a threatening physical illness is, “Why would God do this to me?”

This understanding becomes extremely important when evaluating our relationship with God. Even when He seems a thousand miles away and disinterested in us, He is close enough to touch. A wonderful illustration of this unseen presence is described in Luke 24, verses 13 and 14, when two of Jesus’ disciples were walking toward a village called Emmaus, approximately seven miles from Jerusalem.

They had seen their Master horribly crucified three days earlier, and they were severely depressed. Everything that they hoped for had died on that Roman cross. All the dramatic things Jesus had said and done now appeared contrived and untrue. He had spoken with such authority, but now He was dead and His body was placed in a borrowed tomb. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God, yet they had heard Him cry in His last hours, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Matthew 27:46). The disciples couldn’t have been more confused. What was the meaning of the three years they had spent with this man who claimed to be the Messiah?

What they didn’t realize is that Jesus was walking that dusty road with them at that very moment, and they were about to be given the greatest news ever heard by human ears. It would revolutionize their lives and turn the rest of the world upside down. At the time, however, all they saw were contradictory facts that could not be harmonized. They had, I submit, a problem of perception.

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