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If you are a pro-family, pro-life, pro-Israel conservative like me, you have to be pleased with some of the things President Trump has done, even if you don’t like his method.

Not only did he appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but he has nominated other fine justices, similar in pedigree to Gorsuch, for district and appeals court appointments. This alone is quite major.

The president continues to work towards defunding Planned Parenthood, in total contrast with what Hillary Clinton would have done.

Through Attorney General Sessions, the president did not continue President Obama’s radical transgender policy in our children’s schools, and just last week, the Department of Justice filed a friend of the court brief that has LGBT activists up in arms.

In the words of one critic, “Trump has given all of his anti-LGBTQ lieutenants from Betsy DeVos and Tom Price to Ben Carson and Mike Pence free rein to assault LGBTQ rights and, just as profoundly, he has listened to their counsel on the issue. That’s why we’ve seen protections for transgender and gay students threatened, elimination of data collection on LGBTQ seniors and a devastating attack, via Twitter, on transgender people serving in the military.”

Of course, I would frame these decisions in positive terms, opposite to the perspective of LGBT activists. But their attacks on the president only underscore the extent that he has followed a conservative family agenda. And did anyone notice that, after 8 years of gay pride in June, there was a very conspicuous silence this past June?

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