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Tim Tebow Does it Again – Changing Lives while Playing Sports By Onan Coca

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What red-blooded American doesn’t love Tim Tebow?

The only people who don’t like Tim Tebow are left wing, anti-Christian haters.

While the only reason anyone knows who Tebow is is because of his tremendous football talent, the reason he’s so beloved really has nothing to do with his game.

Tim Tebow has become famous as America’s most beloved sports figure because of what he says and does off the field as much as what does on the field of play.

We were reminded of this again just a few days ago when Tebow’s Port St. Lucie Mets traveled to Port Charlotte, Florida to play the Stone Crabs who are the Class-A affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays.

In the top of the 7th inning Tebow was in the on-deck circle preparing for his coming at-bat, when 9-year old Seth Bosch made his way down to his sports hero.

Seth has autism (he is high functioning), suffers from neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic disorder that produces tumors on the nerve tissue, and he has a tumor behind his right eye which makes it very hard for him to play sports. But he loves Tim Tebow and he was determined to meet him. Seth’s mother was recording the entire episode from their seats and was worried that her son would be saddened if Tebow didn’t notice him there cheering him on.

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