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Free Friday Download For WordSearch Users! Come Let Us Reason

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What attitudes or assumptions do they come in with that hinder their giving the gospel a hearing and that need to be undermined? For example, many people in the United States embody values best articulated by Friedrich Nietzsche. This is not to say that they know their views are from Nietzsche. Rather, they think about their lives primarily in aesthetic categories. Moral reality, to the extent that they give it a thought, appears to be an alien intrusion that hinders their pursuit of the best life. One of my goals as a teacher is to get my students to think about their lives in terms of virtue rather than pleasure. 

Happy Friday everyone! Today’s free download, usually $24.95, is Come Let Us Reason: New Essays in Christian Apologetics by Paul Copan and William Lane Craig.

Come Let Us Reason is the third book in a series on modern Christian apologetics that began with the popular Passionate Conviction and Contending with Christianity’s Critics. The nineteen essays here raise classical philosophical questions in fresh ways, address contemporary challenges for the church, and will deepen the thinking of the next generation of apologists.


Free Download here

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