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Tyrants always make you wonder, don’t they, how they get away with it. True, they’re always surrounded by a phalanx of loyal yes-men who, in protecting the tyrant, protect themselves. But they lord it over great masses of ordinary people, totally dominating them. How do they do it?

It’s easy to see how barbed wire and firing squads serve to keep the serfs in line. The people let you rule them because they’re scared to death you’ll kill them.

Fear in its less flagrant forms is a big part of how the Left dominates the nations of the West, once called “the Free World” but now considerably less free. Here, leftids in power use fear to stay in power.

Fear of what, though? After all, they’re not rounding us up and shooting us.

But they don’t have to shoot us.

Once a Canadian “human rights” tribunal gets its claws into you, they never have to let go. Not only in Canada, but now in places in America dominated by the Left, your business can be ruined, your reputation shot, and your life turned into an endless hassle by assorted government agencies that seek out particular targets and apply harsh sanctions to piffling “offenses.”

Using the wrong pronoun. Declining to take part in a “gay wedding.” Expressing the wrong opinion anywhere on a college campus. Setting up a grass-roots organization to support conservative political candidates. The IRS is watching you.

In a school in Camden, New Jersey, police—yes, the police—were called in to deal with a third-grader who called a brownie “a brownie”—racism, you know.

And if the government overlooks you, the trolls on social media won’t.

So the Left in our country has created a subtle climate of fear, from which the veiled threat of violence is not entirely absent. “By any means necessary,” say the thugs of Antifa. People have learned to notice that.

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