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Customer Triggered by Hobby Lobby Cotton Decor By Todd Starnes

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Hobby Lobby — the national arts and crafts chain — is embroiled in a raging controversy over whether cotton is racist.

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As absurd as it may sound – a Texas customer wrote a Facebook post blasting Hobby Lobby for selling raw cotton plants.

“So wrong on so many levels,” Daniell Rider declared as she described a vase filled with cotton bolls. “There is nothing decorative about raw cotton.”

“A commodity which was gained at the expense of American-American slaves,” she thundered. “A little sensitivity goes a long way. Please remove this decor.”

More than 200,000 people weighed in — and many agreed with her argument — that cotton was a commodity gained at the expense of African American slaves.

To be clear, the same could be said about peanuts and tobacco – but I don’t want to give the perpetually offended crowd any ideas.

Cotton is the fabric of our lives – picked by both black and white people.

Hobby Lobby is not commenting on the faux controversy and as of the writing of this column they were still selling cotton-themed decorations on its website.


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