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Eat More Purple Foods for Cancer Prevention and a Healthier Gut and Heart By Dr. Mercola

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How to Boost Health Effects of Potatoes

A drawback of potatoes is they’re high in starch. By raising your blood sugar, starchy foods contribute to insulin resistance and, ultimately, Type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, by cooking a normally digestible starch such as potato and then cooling it in the refrigerator will alter its chemistry through a process called retrogradation, transforming much of the starch into digestive resistant-type starch.40

As its name implies, digestive resistant starch refers to low-viscous dietary fibers that resist digestion in the small intestine and slowly ferment in your large intestine. In one study, refrigerating cooked potatoes for 24 hours increased resistant starch by 57 percent.41

Digestive resistant starches act as prebiotics, feeding healthy bacteria and improving fat oxidation. In one study, replacing 5 percent of daily carbohydrates with digestive resistant starch from whole foods like cooked and chilled potato or underripe banana raised post-meal fat burning by as much as 30 percent.42

Resistant starch also adds significant bulk to your stools and help you maintain regular bowel movements. And, since they’re indigestible, resistant starches do not result in blood sugar spikes. In fact, research suggests resistant starches actually help improve insulin regulation, thereby reducing your risk of insulin resistance.43,44,45,46

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