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I’ll Dance on It’s Grave When Rolling Stone Magazine Dies by Larry Tomczak

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This commentary is straightforward speech about a chronicle of culture presenting what’s “cool” for young people. I harbor no ill-will towards the purveyors of the propaganda, but I do long for the day it folds. Even as the apostle Paul was direct in addressing those undermining the kingdom of God in his day (“…let him be accursed… I wish that those who are troubling you would castrate themselves” [Gal.1:8; 5:12]), I pray for the people involved to be redeemed but proclaim anathema over their work.

Rolling Stone magazine is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The “counterculture bible” of drugs, depravity and deception was founded by Jann Wenner who recently put his 49 percent share of the business up for sale. This leftist publication is also being exposed in a recently released book that “lays it all on the table” regarding their operation.

Rolling Stone magazine is similar to MTV. Both revel in the pied-piper seduction of gullible young people. MTV just debuted another sewer production called “Floribama Shore”, featuring 8 twenty-somethings getting drunk, hooking up and getting “buck booty wild.” Rolling Stone magazine just put a provocatively dressed “adult entertainer” on its cover celebrating her vulgar actions and rebellion to gender norms.

Years ago the editor-in-chief of this “trend-setting” publication left his wife and three children after 28 years announcing his homosexuality. He’s currently recovering from triple bypass surgery, battling sexual-harassment and assault charges, plus being exposed for his longstanding decadent lifestyle.

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