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North Korea Threat Prompts Massive Pentagon Program on West Coast By Andrew West

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The days of making lighthearted jokes at the expense of the despotic regime in North Korea are officially over.

For decades, North Korea’s Kim family were viewed as wildly petulant crackpots with a thirst for power.  Their regimes have all been considered the very definition of evil, totalitarian nonsense, so bizarre in their behavior that they have inspired a number of fictional movie villains with their absurd actions, beliefs, and iconically bad style of dress.  Now, with pedantic man-child Kim Jong Un at the helm, the only thing that has changed is the seriousness of the threat that North Korea poses to the rest of the world.

Over the course of the last year, the once-laughed at nation has managed to make a serious claim regarding their nuclear and military capabilities, and the inevitable marriage of the two in the very near future.  Last week’s incredibly successful launch of a third ICBM has proven that North Korea possesses the ability to land a rocket anywhere in the U.S. mainland, and possibly attach a thermonuclear device to their new toy in a matter of months.

This news has The Pentagon scrambling to keep the west coast well defended.

“The U.S. agency tasked with protecting the country from missile attacks is scouting the West Coast for places to deploy new anti-missile defenses, two Congressmen said on Saturday, as North Korea’s missile tests raise concerns about how the United States would defend itself from an attack…

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“wars and rumors of wars…”

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