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This Type of Socialism Millennials Won’t Like By Gary DeMar

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In an earlier article, I pointed out that a high percentage of millennials believe that socialism is better than capitalism. One of the main reasons they believe socialism is right is that they are being educated in a socialistic environment.

Government (public) education is socialistic. Their parents have been brainwashed to believe their children are getting a “free education.” Have parents who send their children to government schools ever write checks to the schools for tuition? They don’t. Of course, they know that some of their property taxes and other taxes go to pay for government schools. But they are not paying the whole cost. People who don’t have children or whose children no longer attend a government school are being taxed to reduce the cost of education for those attending.

And what are a majority of government schools teaching? There is no God. The government supplies all their needs and wants. A person’s sex is chosen. The free market should not be free.

Socialism works for a time until the system runs out of other people’s money.

I found the following on the internet. It’s the essence of Socialism — immoral and unworkable…

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