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Want to Understand Trump’s Travel Ban? Take a Good Look at Europe by Michael Bresciani

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We live in a day when good sound reasoning has taken a permanent sabbatical to the land of PC fantasy. MSM, Democrats and liberals and well over half of academia’s darlings have chosen to abide where truth never darkens the door.

This condition is best illustrated by President Trump’s recent retweet of videos posted by a British nationalist who stands against the Islamisation of the United Kingdom, which clearly show Muslims in acts of serious violent crimes.

One video shows Muslims beating up a crippled Dutch boy who needed crutches to walk. Another video captures a Muslim smashing a religious icon held in high regard by the Catholics.

A far more heinous hate crime is in a third video in which Muslims throw a teen ager off a roof and then beat him to death.

Not long after the retweets, Washington Times posted a piece in which the President is found defending the retweets. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared “The threat is real; the threat needs to be addressed. The threat has to be talked about, and that’s what the President is doing in bringing that up.”

In a perfect example of PC driven denial came the reply from our staunchest European ally, according to the Washington Times article.

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