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Americans Say Government is America’s Biggest Problem, Gallup Poll Finds By Jon Miltimore

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For generations, Gallup has been asking Americans what they see as the nation’s primary problems. Answers change from year to year, but in its most recent poll Gallup received a startling answer.

The biggest problem wasn’t health care or race relations, though Americans have concerns with these issues. It wasn’t the economy, which scored very well in the poll.

“It’s the government,” said Gallup senior editor Jeff Jones.

In a podcast with Dr. Frank Newport, Gallup’s editor-in-chief, Jones said that 23 percent of Americans say that the government is America’s biggest problem.

“That’s about exactly what is was before Nixon resigned,” Jones said, referring to the Watergate era.

One might be tempted to view this result as solely caused by disgust with President Donald Trump or his policies. But that’s not really the case, or not entirely. The commentators point out that the poll is similar to findings from 2014-2015 when Barack Obama was president.

“Obviously they weren’t saying Donald Trump then,” Newport observed. “So the problems Americans have with government precede Donald Trump.”

So there’s really no getting around the fact that a plurality of Americans see government as America’s biggest problem—regardless of which party holds power.

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