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Does Fascism Belong to the Left or to the Right? By Onan Coca

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If you are a conservative and you’ve ever gotten into a political debate with someone you disagree with then you’ve probably been called this epithet at some point in your discussion – “fascist.”

I’ve never understood this line of attack. As a conservative, I argue for limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, and individual liberty. These basic tenets are, LITERALLY, the exact opposite of fascism. They are completely opposed to fascism and if these ideas exist – then a fascist government is impossible. Given these truths, how could I ever be confused with a fascist?

Further, it is usually my opponents who are more closely aligned with fascism. They usually argue for BIGGER government, higher taxes, more government spending, a more invasive welfare state, and more government control of the factors of production. These ideas are wholly aligned with fascism.

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