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Opinion: Net Neutrality’s Repeal Would Screw Online Video Creators By Mike Wilhelm

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The internet is in an uproar over the future of Net Neutrality (link is external), and for good reason. The FCC is planning to remove Title II classification from broadband providers. Without Title II, broadband providers (ISPs) could block content, create fast and slow lanes for consumers and even impose fees for specific websites or categories. So what does this mean for video creators online?
In short, ISPs could make it harder for your video content to reach the people you intend to reach.
Net Neutrality’s most vocal proponents use the hypothetical situation of ISPs blocking access to competitors of their television businesses. For example, Comcast ,who owns NBC, could block their customers’ access to Netflix. This is unlikely to happen, however, as ISPs would still be expected to followed antitrust laws (though whether or not these laws will be enforced is another story).
But ISPs could also block access to content it deems to be unlawful. This includes blanket blocks or throttling of platforms that peddle in user generated content. The Pirate Bay is a textbook example of unlawful content, but YouTube may fall under that blanket as well, since ISPs could argue that its unreasonable to expect any platform to police copyright violations and so it’s best to block the whole lot.
A more likely scenario is ISPs will strong-arm Google (i.e., YouTube) into taking an even heavier-handed approach to policing copyright violations of content owned by the ISP, throttling YouTube if Google doesn’t comply. Under this scenario, the already frequent ContentID flags YouTubers experience would be even more frequent.
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