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America vs. Sodom and Gomorrah: What’s the Difference? By Pastor David Whitney

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In recent days we have seen a parade of women coming forward to tell of the abuse done to them by powerful men. In the Senate we have Al Franken, with multiple women saying his last name would be complete only by adding “stein” to it. Then there is former Vice President Biden along with former President George H.W. Bush; in media, figures such as television host Matt Lauer as well as host Charlie Rose. In Hollywood the list is very long beginning with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and other. What is happening?

We need to see that this is the fruit of the revolution that swept America in the 1960’s which some have called the sexual revolution. I think there is a better term for it that I will share in a moment. The two leading figures in this revolution are both now dead. The female leader, Betty Friedan, died eleven years ago in 2006; and the male pied piper died this year, Hugh Hefner.

Consider the message they preached: Hefner told men that the good life was living for bodily pleasures, that fornication and adultery were not sins, but rather the natural way a healthy man lived. He use persuasion through his publication and by living out this belief, becoming wealthy in the process. What many don’t know is that early on he began promoting sodomy as well. If life is all about bodily pleasures, then who cares how that happens?

We could sum up Hugh Hefner’s philosophy as ‘Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Hefner promised that if you followed his Sodom and Gomorrah philosophy your life would be happy, happy, happy.

The female pied piper had a similar message for women – the women’s liberation movement was about empowerment. I think a good summary of her philosophy was that women should have sex before marriage, and a career after marriage. She advocated adultery – a woman disregarding God’s law to get what she wanted. It was fine, according to Friedan’s philosophy for a woman, to sleep her way to the top. Isn’t that essentially selling your body for fame and fortune, a form of harlotry, albeit not just for money but also for fame?

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