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Is It Unthinkable: A Return to a Modest, Moral, Mannerly America! by Dr. Don Boys

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The pendulum is swinging back, thank God. The revulsion, rejection, and repudiation of sexual molestation, rape, and assault is shocking but thrilling and something I have never witnessed. Scores of prominent, powerful, and prestigious people have been charged with varying degrees of sexual offenses. The whispers are getting louder and louder about famous people guilty of hideous sexual offenses!

The next earthquake in California may be in Hollywood where the elite pedophile ring might be exposed. But don’t count on it. That may be expecting too much of a return to sanity and decency.

However, in the heterosexual world, no one is talking about the women, victims for the most part, some of whom helped perpetuate the sexual assaults by their silence. Yes, they were fearful but they were complicit. Other women went along with the system to get to the top by climbing into bed with moral lepers–and are surprised they got “infected.” If they are screaming now, they are classic hypocrites and opportunists. They subscribed to the heresy that they could reach the stars by crawling in the mud and reach the top by going to the bottom. They are almost as repulsive as the moral lepers who took advantage of them.

Only God knows the few men who are totally innocent. Surely a few. While I am thrilled at the trend against sexual offenses, I must remind my readers that a charge is not a certainty and for sure not a conviction.

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