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Barna Update: The Behaviors Americans Count as Sexual Harassment

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In October of this year, the New York Times reported more than a dozen initial allegations of sexual harassment, assault or rape against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Though accusations of men abusing their power are nothing new, the revelations about Weinstein prompted other victims to come forward in unprecedented numbers and public fashion, sparking the #metoo movement and almost daily reports of the sexual misconduct of high-profile figures in film, comedy, journalism, politics and other industries.

The flood of new allegations has caused many to ask: What counts as sexual harassment? While there is a general legal definition for the workplace, a national survey of U.S. adults conducted by Barna between October 19-25, 2017 (shortly after the original Weinstein report) asked American adults to identify specific acts that they consider to be harassment. The answer differs based on gender, but Americans say that sexual harassment is most often about being touched or groped (women: 96%, men: 86%) or being forced to do something sexual (women: 91%, men: 83%). However…


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