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Eight Reasons Your Church Should Have an Email Newsletter By Jonathan Howe

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In addition to a weekly bulletin, churches have often used weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters to better communicate with guests and members. As costs to produce newsletters have increased and budget funds designated for them have decreased, they have all but vanished from churches. Instead of replacing them with digital versions, many churches abandoned the practice altogether.

In doing so, another problem was created: bulletins and announcement times became overcrowded. The result was not better communication, but too much being communicated and less information being retained.

So instead of relying on a weekly bulletin or a brief 2-minute announcement time in the service, consider using an email newsletter to more effectively communicate with guests and members. Here are eight reasons your church should have an email newsletter.

  1. Email Newsletters Inform All Church Members, Not Just That Week’s Attendees — If you don’t make it to the worship service, you don’t hear the announcements. Because of the decline in the frequency of attendance, many church members are unaware of events or happenings at their church. Email newsletters allow you communicate to everyone at once.
  2. Email Is the Commonly Accepted Way for Organizations to Communicate — We receive emails from dozens of companies every week. Whether it’s a sale notice from our favorite online shop, an email about work, or a notification from a social network, we are used to getting emails and scanning them for important information. A church email newsletter is easy to scan for important information just like the hundreds of other emails we receive each week.
  3. Email Newsletters Allow for Comprehensive Information — If you were to get a separate email for each activity or ministry in the church, it would be way too much. One simple newsletter that covers all the ministries of the church is much easier to digest for church members than individual emails. Some age-level ministries may need their own newsletters, but not every ministry a church has needs a separate email.

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