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12 Major Stories From 2017 That The Media Buried, Forgot, Or Ignored By Ryan Saavedra

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The American mainstream media proved to be little more than a circus in 2017, with its strong left-leaning bias on full display as many news outlets dedicated their news coverage to being as anti-Trump as possible, injecting politics into every facet of American life.

In its all-out pursuit of destroying President Donald Trump, the media has chosen to bury or ignore several major national news stories.

Here are 12 major national news stories that the media buried, forgot, or ignored in 2017:

12. Charlottesville — State and local police were held back which allowed the violence to escalate.

The liberal college town hosted an alt-right rally on August 12 that turned deadly when a protestor ran over a woman in his car. The event was used to attack President Trump because he originally condemned all the violence that took place during the rally — which the media falsely claimed was a sign of support for neo-Nazis, KKK members, and white supremacists.

The media praised Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Democratic Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer for their responses specifically condemning white supremacists.

What the media ignored, however, was how the violence escalated and who was responsible.

Left-leaning groups like the ACLU and ProPublica (George Soros-funded) both criticized the response by state and local police and suggested that they had been ordered to stand down.

An independent investigation found:

• Despite repeated public statements by state and local officials that officers were not instructed to “stand down,” police had in fact been instructed only to intervene in conflicts between white nationalists and counterprotesters in the event of serious injury.

• A Virginia State Police commander made an “off-plan” decision to keep state officers behind barricades instead of sending them into the streets to break up fights and make arrests.

• After clashes began, Police Chief Al Thomas was heard by several people in the command center saying to “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly” and shut down the rally.

• Thomas attempted to obstruct the city’s investigation, deleting relevant text messages, attempting to hide his use of a personal email account to conduct some official police business, and creating planning checklists that were not actually used to plan for the rallies.

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