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Trump’s Tremendous Year: Disrespecting All Who Plan to Harm America

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For all his faults, Donald Trump has done more good for this country in one year than Barack Obama did in 8.

For all his lofty talk, Obama arguably did more damage to this country in 8 years than 42 presidents before him combined, including doubling the national debt, inciting racial animus, embracing Muslim terrorists, spying on US citizens, demoralizing the police and military, institutionalizing sexual depravity. We could go on, but frankly Obama’s list of harm is too long to completely itemize here.

The list of good things done by Trump is even longer, and it took him one-eighth the time to do them. He has massively reduced taxes, stimulated a booming economy and soaring stock market, restored optimism in businesses to record heights, tightened immigration, dumped the global warming trillion dollar fraud, appointed conservative judges and a pro-life Supreme Court justice, ended Obamacare’s mandatory insurance tax and, as the Wall Street Journal points out in a column naming Trump “Rookie of the Year,” he is directly responsible for a record reduction in costly, intrusive, freedom-limiting government regulations. Not bad for one year.

Like many people, yours truly had serious and legitimate reservations about Trump, but voted for him to deny the presidency to Hillary, who would have been as bad as Obama in every way, PLUS be a crook.

I hoped to see some regulations rolled back, and a halt to galloping “progressive” policies, which are nothing more than socialism and tyranny. But pleasantly surprised is a gross understatement. Republicans who are honest must concede there is nothing extreme about Trump’s agenda. It is standard GOP doctrine.

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