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Universal Basic Income: The UN’s Latest Wealth Redistribution Scheme by Doug Carter

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A recent wave of worldwide economic experiments called “universal basic income” seems to be ushering in a new era of wealth redistribution.

What is Universal Basic Income?

Universal basic income is an emerging plan to provide a guaranteed payment for living expenses to all people.

Under the plan, everyone would get a set amount of money, including children, workers, and non-workers. Those workers who earn more will be taxed proportionately to help fund the program.

Individuals are not tested to see if it is needed, and no one is required to work to earn it. The payments would be modest, but enough to enable recipients to live a frugal, yet decent lifestyle.

In other words, it is a massive wealth redistribution scheme.

Advocates claim a universal basic income would eliminate poverty and provide a safety net for workers who have recently lost their jobs. Others say it is needed in an era where machines are increasingly displacing human workers. In Finland, the program is hailed for reducing stress levels.

But critics are quick to point out that people would be encouraged to work less, thereby contributing less taxes into the new welfare program.

Where is it Today?

Universal basic income is already being tested in areas of Britain, Finland, Netherlands, Kenya, Canada, and even the United States. Next on the list is Scotland, where residents living in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and North Ayrshire are slated to start receiving a regular sum of money.

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