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A Truly Dramatic Conversion

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The New Testament is full of striking conversions. I think of Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus and the Philippian jailer who was converted after his jail was crumpled by an earthquake sent from God. At Pentecost, 3,000 people followed Christ and were baptized. And in Acts 19, 12 disciples of John the Baptist who were saved and baptized under Paul’s ministry.
Our hearts soar when we read of these great conversions. But I have news for you: We continue to see dramatic conversions today. I want to tell you the story of a young man I will call Henry because we need to protect his identity. He is from an African nation that I also will not name. He recently told us this: “I was trained by the most powerful witch doctor in our area — my grandfather.” After his grandfather died, Henry became such a commanding dark force, he gained renown far and wide. He was known for casting spells, destroying churches and killing people, including family members. Some might say that he was too far gone to be reached for Christ.
But listen: When one of our church planters presented “The Jesus Film” in his village, Henry decided to attend the showing. He told us, “I began to literally feel the weight of my sin and it became too much to bear.” Later that night, Henry asked Jesus to forgive him of his sin and to become Lord of his life. Twenty others were also saved that evening. Wow.
Henry then went before his village and burned his talismans and dark magic paraphernalia, while proclaiming his new faith in Christ. However, the village turned on him and began to persecute him, causing him to move away. Henry continued praying and following Jesus and in the months to come, he was able to explain the Gospel to several family members. Many have now given their hearts and lives to Jesus. Further, some of Henry’s former “customers” have followed the Lord Jesus because of his witness and Henry has now planted a church. We have helped the church to receive Bibles and are working with them as they proclaim the Gospel to their neighbors.
What a mighty God we serve, my friends.
We have seen witch doctors in Haiti converted too and we have seen dramatic conversions in many nations. This is why we continue to plant churches, to train pastors and to send out missionaries. God is the same yesterday, today and forever and He still affords salvation to those who will believe on Him. There are many people like Henry in our world who just need an opportunity to hear about Jesus. Please pray for our ministry as we continue to preach the Risen Christ across our nation and throughout the world. Our goal remains making One Million New Disciples by 2025.


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