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Boom! Economy Surges Forward after Trump Tax Cuts Passed By Onan Coca

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While the media moans and hand-wrings over the latest Tweet from our socially-active President, they continue to miss the biggest stories of the day.

Earlier today, the Dow Jones Industrial average surpassed 25,000 for the FIRST TIME EVER, and it was on pace to advance more than 1,000 points in the FASTEST TIME EVER.

Thursday’s moves marked the latest feat for a rally that has repeatedly wrong-footed skeptics and sent stock indexes around the world to multiyear highs. The Dow industrials hit five thousand-point milestones last year, the most such records in its 120 years…

“The turn of the calendar year doesn’t change the dynamics of economic growth and earnings growth,” said Kate Warne, investment strategist at retail brokerage Edward Jones. “We shouldn’t be surprised that markets continue to move higher because fundamentals continue to be positive and investor optimism is actually improving rather than investors becoming more cautious.”

Now, to be fair, I’ve always argued that the President has relatively little to do with how well/poorly the economy does. However, President Trump may be proving this belief wrong. Normally, we would say that the legislature has a far greater impact on how the economy is performing than the President does. For Obama to wreak havoc on our economy, he needed a Democrat legislature to rubber stamp his agenda (which they did). But for Trump to solve many of our economic ills, it seems the most important ingredient that was needed was his force of will.

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