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LIBERALS JUST MAKING STUFF UP: Transgender Bible Stories Edition By Andrew West

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The complete and utter disregard for reality being shown by the radical left in America is enough to make even the most ardent cultural observer dizzy with frustration.

It’s not just the “fake news” of CNN and The New York Times that  we must slosh through the mucky, murky depths of, either.  While that entire industry is rife with peril and chicanery, the left is reaching their tentacles out into the nation’s culture wars as well, pushing some very peculiar and particular agendas over the course of the last few years.

One of the more bizarre bits of cultural cooking currently being undertaken by the left is the aggressive normalization of gender fluidity through the use of threatening force and public shame.  Their confusing patchwork of now 70-plus gender pronouns feels more like a Portlandia skit than an actual part of the transgender movement, yet it is here to stay with American celebrities and public figures being harassed and shamed for their inability to correctly memorize the literal nonsense.

Of course, this is a strategy of the left in which they are simply moving the goal posts every time the right wing appears ready to complete the task, much in the same way the that LGBTQ abbreviation continues to add letters as if they were a Sesame Street-watching toddler with Tourette’s Syndrome.

Now, in a similar vein to the charlatans who believe that they have whatever gender they choose, we have a new rendition of The Bible coming to the liberal universe, rife with stories of the transgender plight.

“An elite liberal arts college is offering a class called “Queering the Bible” for the 2018 fall semester, in which it promises to ‘destabilize long held assumptions’ about what the Bible says about gender.

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