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How and Why the Media is Deliberately Deceiving You by Larry Tomczak

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“Discernment is not simply telling the difference between what is right and wrong; rather it is the difference between right and almost right.” – Charles Spurgeon

Tens of thousands of dedicated Christians recently gathered in Kansas City for the “One Thing” annual conference. Mike Bickle, the pioneer of the International House of Prayer (IHOP) hosting the event, opened the gathering with a challenge from Matthew 24 and exhorted us to be extremely discerning in these turbulent times.

Do you know the primary sign that Jesus gave in this chapter concerning the time prior to His Return? He made reference to it four times!


If ever there was a time when we needed to sharpen our skills of discernment it’s now. Accurate information and biblically informed analysis is desperately needed today. God’s end-time revelation is for the “mature, for those who through practice have powers of discernment that are trained to distinguish good from evil” (Heb.5:14).

With demonic activity intensifying alongside blatant dishonesty in the media, we must learn to discern as well as prepare our children and local churches in this critical task. It is precisely why the Bullseye Challenge initiative was launched and commended by national leaders as a video/book resource.

Propagandizing the People

In his book, “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?” Andy Andrews urged readers to be careful students who seek accurate facts to avoid dangerous deceptions like those perpetrated under Nazism. Even the majority of churches in Germany were horribly misled because of their failure to discern what was happening.

A current example in our culture is the blind acceptance of recreational marijuana. The push for marijuana legalization is accelerating similar to the push for gay marriage only a few years ago.

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