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WALSH: The Women Of Hollywood Are Not Heroes. Most Of Them Are Just As Culpable As The Men.

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The outrage of the day (one of the outrages anyway, this may be a multi-outrage day) is that actress Michelle Williams got paid almost nothing to do reshoots for “All The Money In The World,” while Mark Wahlberg made over a million dollars. The peanut gallery has cited this travesty as yet more proof that we live in a patriarchal dystopia.

Of course, the whole controversy is quite silly. Williams got paid less for two reasons: she agreed to be paid less, and she is worth less. As a human being, she is equal in dignity and worth to any man. But as a film star, her value comes down to dollars and cents. Mark Wahlberg is, believe it or not, the highest paid actor in Hollywood because, believe it or not, his movies are almost always blockbusters. His last five films grossed well over a billion dollars at the box office. In two years. Michelle Williams’ movies have… not been that successful, to put it mildly.

People will go to see a movie just because Mark Wahlberg is in it. Almost no one will be motivated to see a movie because Michelle Williams is in it. Nobody is saying to their friend on a Friday night, “Hey, do you want to go check out that Michelle Williams flick?” If they did, their friend would be likely to respond, “Who is Michelle Williams?”

I think she’s a talented actress, but this is a business. If you make a billion dollars for your employer, you’re going to get paid like it. If you don’t, you won’t. And that’s all right. Let us not cry for Michelle Williams. I’m sure she’s doing just fine, even if her mansion is quite a bit smaller than Mark Wahlberg’s and her butler only works part time. Sometimes, in life, we must endure such deprivations.

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