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Are We Really Created Equal? by Dr. Alan Keyes

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For us, infinity is something we infer, not something we can, in and of ourselves, directly understand. So, neither slavery nor any other material condition have anything to do with what we are in the “eyes of God”. A hint of this lies in how cars and trucks look to us from a great height- they are all just dots, regardless of the relative size our understanding otherwise ascribes to them in material terms. Since our ways are not God’s ways, our measures are not God’s measures.

Since, on our own, we cannot know the meaning of infinity, we must infer it from what we are capable of knowing. But, given the boundlessness of infinity, this inference always falls short of completion. Not so for God, given His infinite being. But if we cannot understand the limits of being in God’s terms, how are we to understanding the meaning of equality, from God’s perspective? Whatever we say, its meaning in terms of our finite understanding cannot extend to what it means from the perspective of God’s infinite being.

Yet though, on our own we cannot comprehend God’s meaning for equality we may understand the way God translates His meaning into terms accessible to our experience. This He has done through the Word by which all things are made. So, the objects of our experience represent the meaning of equality to us, in a limited way. But He has also translated Himself in the Word become flesh that dwelt amongst us.

When Christ spoke of the way all people should relate to God, He was speaking of a way of being that all of us inevitably represent. We are, therefore, all of us equally obliged to God, equally dependent upon God for the substance of our existence (i.e., the disposition of God’s being that makes our existence distinctly possible; the self-determinations by and through which His being becomes us, i.e., informs, expresses and adorns, our human nature, as a distinct species of and within Nature, as a whole.)

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