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‘Mummified’ trees more proof of the Flood By Bill Bumpas (OneNewsNow.com)

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A recent discovery of well-preserved trees in Antarctica can be explained by the biblical account of a worldwide flood, according to a Christian geologist.

It was recently announced that a team of scientists found the fossilized trees on the ice-covered continent. They estimate that the trees are some 280 million years old and were preserved down to the cellular level after being rapidly buried in volcanic ash – preserved so well, in fact, that some of the amino acid building blocks that make up the trees’ proteins can still be extracted.

But Dr. Tim Clarey with the Institute for Creation Research says a more literal, biblical explanation that fits the science is that this is a result of the Great Flood told in the Old Testament. He explains that the most important thing the scientists noted they had found was that the trees had original protein in them.

“It isn’t that they were frozen and preserved that way,” he tells OneNewsNow. “These things were buried in rock. Just like the dinosaurs, we’re finding more and more original proteins and blood cells and blood vessels in dinosaurs as well.

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