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God’s Fingerprints? See the Curious Shape of This Key Human Protein By Will Maule

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Have you ever wondered if there is evidence of the divine within the biological makeup of our human form? If God really did create us, and if in Christ “all things hold together” as scripture attests, then wouldn’t it be possible for Him to could leave a mark in our very cells to show us He was behind the work of art we call life?

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Well, that is exactly what evangelist Louie Giglio sought to explore in a timeless clip that recently resurfaced on Facebook. Giglio talks (video below) of meeting a molecular biologist following a preaching event in Texas. As the two got chatting, the man revealed something absolutely extraordinary to Giglio that links the human body to the glory of God in Christ.

“I said I’m on my way back home to Atlanta Georgia. Gonna be preaching the next two Sunday’s,” Giglio recalls telling the biologist. When Louie was asked what he was preaching on, he answered: “The series is on the glory of God and the human body. He says ‘that’s really amazing because I’m a molecular biologist at the University down the road.’”

After hearing a brief outline of his sermon, the biologist wanted to know what Louie was going to use as his grand finale to hammer home the point of God being glorified through our biological structures.

“He said ‘what’s your big left hook?’” explained Giglio.

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