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‘He Set Himself Up as God’: A Look at North Korea’s Counterfeit Trinity By Paul Strand

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WASHINGTON – There’s been so much saber-rattling between North Korea and the U.S., many fear it may lead to nuclear war.   And if that should happen, few doubt America’s overwhelming nuclear superiority would easily crush the Hermit Kingdom.

But some religious believers and North Korean defectors are suggesting the real way to win against North Korea is to conquer its false religion with the truth of the Gospel.

A Counterfeit God

It’s been widely assumed North Korea is so deadly and dangerous for Christians and other religious believers because it’s godless. But actually, the opposite is true.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is worshipped as a god there, and an entire religion is built around idolizing the Kim dynasty.

Those at a recent Capitol Hill forum testified about the Juche religion that was imposed on the Hermit Kingdom by Kim’s grandfather, Kim il-Sung.

Suzanne Scholte of the Defense Forum Foundation said he helped shape it as a sort of imitation of Christianity.

“He set himself up as God. His son, Kim Jong Il, is the Jesus figure. And Juche, their philosophy, as the Holy Spirit,” Scholte explained.

It’s one reason why she believes North Korea suffers so much evil: “That whole construct of how that regime is established is a perversion of the Christian Gospel message,” she said.

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