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Here’s What It Would Mean If the Government Controlled the 5G Mobile Network

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There is one universal progressive truth, and that is crisis creates opportunity.
Crisis creates opportunity. And if there isn’t a crisis, create one, and there’s your opportunity. That’s the way every progressive and big government scheme takes — takes flight. Every time. There’s a crisis. Got to do it. Have to do something. Can’t stand around. These people don’t want to do anything. The threat of a crisis is what gave us the federal income tax. The threat of an environmental catastrophe gave us the EPA.
The horror of people dying in the streets, even though people weren’t dying in the streets, gave us Obamacare.
And now it’s the fear of China. It is causing our government to consider nationalizing the country’s mobile network.
Oh, well, wait a minute. Hang on just a second. Whoa, is that a good idea. If we could just — if we could just cut the phone company out as the middleman, then we’d have a network that could be wide open to the NSA 24/7. How great is that!
Private companies like AT&T and Verizon, built the networks that you use to make cell phone calls and surf the internet on your i Phone.
Call clarity, internet speeds — I mean, have you noticed how fast we are advancing?
From third generation or 3G, in 2010, to 4G, almost immediately after.
But now there’s a global race for 5G. And the government is scared to death that China is going to beat us.
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