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Russia Takes A Page From Hitler’s Book With New “Doomsday” Weapons By Andrew West

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While the sheer tension between the United States and Russia is enough to be of grave concern to Americans everywhere, new reports out of Putin’s military are downright frightening.

The USSR, and Russia since, were both nations of nefarious innovation.  They seem locked in a perpetual war of machines and weaponry with the United States and, to a lesser extent, the world at large.  Whether it was a race into the vast reaches of space, or an ever-expanding number of nuclear ICBM’s, Russia has always had their eye on whatever coming technological prize was ahead.

And, with tensions between Russia and the U.S. at an all time high, it seems as though Putin is taking a page out of the Nazi playbook with the concept of “doomsday” mega weapons.

“A key U.S. nuclear weapons document confirms that the Russian government is developing the most powerful nuclear weapon in more than a half century. A leaked copy of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review states that Russia is developing a ‘new intercontinental, nuclear-armed undersea autonomous torpedo.’

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