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How Corrupt Are We? My Post-Memo Musings by Dr. Michael Brown

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I don’t want to sound cynical. I love my country, and I thank God I was born and raised here in America. There’s a reason people flock to the USA from around the world. There’s a reason the rest of the world follows our lead. We Americans have a lot to be thankful for, and in some significant ways, we are very different than many other nations on the planet, especially when it comes to corruption and graft. But in the aftermath of the release “the memo,” I find myself wondering: Just how corrupt are we? Has our system gotten totally out of control?

I’ve made very few comments on the radio about the memo and, to this point, I’ve written no articles. That’s because there are others with far more insight and expertise on these issues, so I’ve read and listened and learned. Plus, I’m not a political commentator but a social commentator, getting involved in political issues because they intersect with moral issues.

And that’s what has me concerned with the memo: How much integrity is there in our government system? In our media? In our courts? How confident are we that justice and truth will prevail?

Because I’m not an expert in the inner workings of our government, and because my academic background is not in the fields of law or political science, I find my head spinning when it comes to sorting out which agency is responsible for which decisions and whose authority overlaps with another’s. (Perhaps I’m not the only one who finds this a bit confusing?)

And it’s a bit disconcerting to survey the reactions to the memo from the right and the left, the former saying this is of momentous importance and the latter saying it’s no big deal. And who knows which judges lean to the right or to the left? Who will render a fair verdict if something goes to court?

All of which makes me wonder: Will we ever get to the root of things? Will those guilty be punished? Are they ever punished these days? Or will years go by without clarity ever emerging?

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