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Liberals Attack NYT Columnist David Brooks on Abortion by Tony Perkins

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How badly does the Left want to retake control of Congress? Not badly enough to rethink its strategy on abortion, apparently. If Democrats’ obsession with the issue is costing the party elections, they don’t want to hear it. Even from their own.

Late last week, New York Times columnist David Brooks tried to wake liberals up to the dangers of their abortion fixation — and became a punching bag instead. The Left unleashed on Brooks for focusing on the party’s greater good, responding with all sorts of vile, profane-laced tirades for committing the unforgivable sin: questioning their abortion orthodoxy. Tracing the pro-life movement back to the years before Roe v. Wade, Brooks reminds Democrats that the fight for unborn rights used to be led by their own party. “The first pro-life rally on the National Mall was organized by the National Youth Pro-Life Coalition, which a co-founder described as ‘an extremely liberal group,’” he points out with some irony. Now, he writes, liberals don’t just fight for the unrestricted killing of unborn children, they subordinate their entire agenda to it.

“How much is our position on late-term abortions hurting us?” Brooks asks in a nod to the growing clamor for legal limits. “How many progressive priorities are we giving up just so we can have our way on this one?” The life issue, he argues, was probably single-handedly responsible for electing Donald Trump. “Do we want late-term abortion so much that we are willing to tolerate [this president]? Do we want it so much that we give up our chance at congressional majorities? Do we want it so much that we see our agendas on poverty, immigration, income equality and racial justice thwarted and defeated?” It’s time, he warned Democrats, to take a step back.

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