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Stop Bowing to the Radical Activists: Please, No More ‘LGBT’ Laws! by Linda Harvey

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Homosexual men and lesbians now earn more than their mainstream counterparts. A recent study from Vanderbilt unveiled this inconvenient truth.

Did you know this? Probably not, because the media whines incessantly about workplace “discrimination” harmful to people with allegedly inborn “gay” genes.

Or those people “born in the wrong sex body,” who must be allowed to force their way into any bathroom – or they might commit suicide.

And if that happens, you and I are responsible.

The fables continue and only the clueless or corrupted fall for them – even so-called “conservatives.” For instance, in Ohio, the GOP-controlled legislature is now considering a measure to enact sweeping sexual anarchy rights in the Buckeye state.

And of course, activists are using the club of a possible major Amazon facility in Columbus as leverage. But Columbus already has a foolish “LGBT” law, if that’s what liberal Amazon requires. The whole state doesn’t need to bow to this immorality just because one left coast company does.

But it’s not just Ohio. Homosexual activists have been busy reapplying pressure to enact these anti-Christian, anti-Constitution measures in numerous states like PennsylvaniaArizonaFloridaMissouri and elsewhere.

Such laws are used as a club to demote, fire, and fine people of faith or destroy businesses, all in the name of “tolerance.”

But how long will we tolerate this culturally poisoning baloney? These extremists have no intention of supporting conscience protections for people of faith or anyone else.

This is tyranny, plain and simple.

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