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Media Fail: Trump More Popular than Obama at This Point in Presidency by John Nolte

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According to the well-regarded Rasmussen poll (by way of Jim Hoft, who first connected these dots), President Trump’s job approval rating sits at a healthy 48 percent. At this exact time in his own presidency (February 7, 2010), Barack Obama’s job approval rating was just 44 percent. That puts Trump at +4 over Obama.

On that same date, a full 56 percent disapproved of the job Obama was doing. On the other hand, only 51 percent say the same about Trump — a +5 point advantage for our current president, and an overall advantage of +9.

This is nothing less than a massive failure for the American media — proof that this disgraced institution is now so discredited they can no longer move the needle.

In February of 2010, the media were into year two of licking Obama’s boots, which is why he defied gravity throughout eight terrible years of economic stagnation, unceasing scandals (fast and furious, Benghazi, the IRS, “you can keep your insurance”) and countless foreign policy bungles.

Fast forward to today and you have the entire institution of the media beating Trump bloody with more than 90 percent negative news, most of it manufactured lies about Russia and obstruction of justice.

The full brunt and force of the media is focused against Trump… In fact, the intensity of the media attacks have only increased since Trump’s approval ratings started to improve two weeks ago.

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