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People of Faith Review Trump’s First Year

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Donald Trump has just completed the most closely scrutinized, subjectively reported, and widely criticized first year in the White House of any President in memory. Research indicates that the media have consistently provided Americans with an overwhelmingly negative assessment of his first-year efforts. Despite such lopsided evaluations by journalists, the American people have a less uniformly-negative view of the initial year of the Trump presidency.

A national sample of 1,000 adults was asked 41 questions about Trump’s first twelve months in office. One of the most striking response patterns is how divergent the views of born again Christians are from those of other adults. Six out of ten born again adults who voted in the 2016 election backed Donald Trump. After his first year in office, the born again segment has remained generally supportive of President Trump. In 36 of the 38 questions on which respondents gave a positive/negative rating of some component of the president’s performance, born again adults held a more positive view of Mr. Trump than did adults who are not born again.

Opinions of the President

On balance, most Americans have an unfavorable opinion of President Trump. In total, one-fifth have a “very favorable” opinion of him and another one-fifth (21%) have a “somewhat favorable” impression. On the other side of the ledger, one-eighth (13%) hold a “somewhat unfavorable” view of the nation’s chief executive, while three times as many (39%) say they have a “very unfavorable” opinion of President Trump.

However, views differ radically by political ideology and by peoples’ personal faith. Among political conservatives, 71% have a favorable view, compared to half as many among moderates (36%), and about half as many again (19%) among liberals.

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