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Author: Transgender Theology Trashes Truth, Threatens Teenagers by Neil Munro

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Are you confused by the new transgender ideology? Can’t keep track of its competing demands? Puzzled by the claim that biology is imaginary yet feelings are concrete?

If so, then you truly are on the path to wisdom, says Ryan Anderson, the level-headed analyst of transgender theology at the Heritage Foundation, and the author of a new book on transgender politics, titled “When Harry Became Sally.”

He sketches the slippery creativity of the transgender ideology in an article, titled “Transgender Ideology Is Riddled With Contradictions. Here Are the Big Ones.” He writes:

At the core of the ideology is the radical claim that feelings determine reality. From this idea come extreme demands for society to play along with subjective reality claims. Trans ideologues ignore contrary evidence and competing interests, they disparage alternative practices, and they aim to muffle skeptical voices and shut down any disagreement.

The movement has to keep patching and shoring up its beliefs, policing the faithful, coercing the heretics, and punishing apostates, because as soon as its furious efforts flag for a moment or someone successfully stands up to it, the whole charade is exposed. That’s what happens when your dogmas are so contrary to obvious, basic, everyday truths.

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