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Truth About the Steele Dossier Begs the Question Is the U.S. Broken? by Timothy Buchanan

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Pressure is building on Congress and the White House to investigate and fully expose the most dastardly and widespread series of crimes committed by the DNC and agencies of the U.S. government against the American people.

Meanwhile, news networks stubbornly refuse to explain or even acknowledge the explosive revelations about the massive effort to cripple the Trump campaign and subsequent administration. There is good reason for this.

As reported by WikiLeaks in 2015, no less than 65 mainstream media reporters were invited to meet with Clinton pal, John Podesta over lavish dinners to begin the work of selling the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to the American people. Millions of people regularly read the skewed reports and listened to the shaded news stories written by these partisan insiders. Many still do.

Last week, House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes released his committee’s report of facts. The Nunes memo shows a pattern of collusion between the Department of Justice, the FBI and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign to impugn Donald Trump and prevent his election. Once that effort failed, the same elements embarked upon a propaganda mission to undermine the Trump administration with false charges of Russian collusion which escalated into the appointment of former FBI Director, Robert Mueller, as Special Counsel.

In a second memo released this week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Charles Grassley, recommended that criminal charges be filed against former British spy and FBI informant, Christopher Steele, for lying to the FBI. Steele was paid $160,000 through Fusion GPS which was funded by a DNC law firm that was hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to produce the fabricated anti-Trump dossier.

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