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The SEAL Option: how to face culture and our role in it seriously by Scott Wilson

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If you take the culture and our role in it seriously, and as a Bible-believing Christian I hope you do, then there’s a lot to be concerned about. Specifically in America, we’ve witnessed the church go from having substantial influence, to the cultural powers that are doing everything they can to eliminate our cultural influence once and for all. Not only that, it’s happening at light speed. This rapid, often hostile, change has also lead to our culture growing increasingly dark morally as it attempts to shed any remaining vestiges of God and His Word. This has left many in the church attempting to figure out how we navigate this reality and remain faithful as Christians. Maybe the most well-known of these attempts is Rod Dreher’s Benedict Option, but there have been multiple other options presented, all attempting to point the way.

The reason there’s so much dialogue about these options is because it appears we will not be changing course any time soon. At points our cultural direction may temporarily slow down, but we’re still moving in the same direction. Who knows what God might do, but it seems naively optimistic to think anything other than increasing darkness and hostility awaits us. So what do we as Christians do? What is our response?

Well, in attempting to answer, I’d like to add another option to the fray: the SEAL Option. Actually, I say that tongue in cheek. I’m not really adding another option. Rather, I want to address the motivation that must drive whatever option we choose and discuss. That motivation must be biblical, and more specifically, driven by our calling.  Unfortunately, many typical responses are less than biblical with wrong motivations.

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