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WALSH: Why ‘Follow Your Heart’ And ‘Be Yourself’ Are Extremely Awful Pieces Of Advice

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President Oprah made an appearance on Good Morning America yesterday where she doled out some nuggets of New Age wisdom. Asked to give advice to young girls, she said “be yourself” and “listen to your heart song.” If you follow your heart, says Oprah, “you will be led to your highest good, always.” And remember, “all of the voices in the world mean nothing if your voice is in alignment with all the voices in the world.”

Now, I don’t speak fortune cookie, so I’m not sure what that last part means. How do I put my voice in alignment with all the voices in the world? And why do I want to? And if all the voices in the world mean nothing, shouldn’t my voice be out of alignment with them? Why do I want to be in alignment with meaningless voices? These are questions for another day.

Her other pieces of advice were slightly more coherent, certainly very popular, but also terrible. Kids today are raised on the idea that they should “be themselves” and “listen to their hearts,” but that is basically the opposite of what they should do. Listening to your heart and being yourself is a recipe for misery and failure, or worse. A cheating husband is listening to his heart. An obnoxious, gossiping bully is being herself. Hitler had a “heart song” and he followed it all the way to “his highest good,” or his perception of his highest good, which happened to involve the systematic annihilation of the Jewish people.

Let’s take a closer look at both of these slogans to better understand just how destructive and stupid they are:

1) Be Yourself.

In one sense, of course, we have no choice but to be ourselves. But that’s not what the Oprahs of the world mean when they tell you to “be yourself.” That’s not what a person is trying to say when she tells you that her guiding principle in life is to “be herself.” What the mantra means in common usage can be summed up this way: I am perfect just as I am and everyone should accept me because I am myself.

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