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WALSH: Dear Clueless Parents, Stop Funding Your Kid’s Spring Break Debauchery

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The Daily Wire reports on the usual scene of debauchery in Fort Lauderdale, as thousands of teenagers and college students descend upon the place to drink, have sex in public, do drugs, etc., etc., etc. We know how the story goes by now. And who can blame these kids? They need to blow off steam because they’re stressed out from their near total lack of adult responsibilities. All of the sex and booze on campus gets old after a while, you see. They need sex and booze in Florida, too.

Of course we assume that this is all perfectly normal and natural. Not just spring break, but the entire college scene. The years of sex and drunkeness and irresponsibility, and so on. We’ve determined that the maturity and growth of a human person must inevitably involve at least about four or five years of spiritual insanity. First a person is a baby, then a young child, then an adolescent, then a teenager, then he plunges into a moral abyss for half a decade or so, and then a few more steps (???) and he magically becomes a well-rounded adult at some point in the future. That’s how we think it’s supposed to go, and must go. But the last step has not actually been happening for most people. They don’t ever really emerge from the moral abyss. And so we have now a few generations of infantilized and obsessively self-centered adults to show for it. What I’m trying to suggest is that maybe — just maybe — it’s not actually normal or healthy or a necessary rite of passage for young adults to behave like animals. Maybe for the majority of human history young adults behaved like adults, and were required to, and we should consider adopting a similar approach.

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