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WALSH: People Want Me Fired For What I Wrote About Video Games. Here’s My Response To The Critics.

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I wrote a piece on Friday about video games. It was extremely popular and widely hailed as the best piece of writing The Daily Wire has ever published.

Just kidding, of course. Most people seemed to hate it with the fire of a thousand suns, and quite a few of them called for my firing and/or suicide. I got one email from a guy who said he is “gathering signatures” for my termination. I’m not sure that’s how this works, but I wish him well in his pursuits. I have been informed by others that I am stupid, insane, worthless, awful, horrible, brainless, and other adjectives that were more creative yet not fit for publication. I also learned what the term “neck yourself” means, after seeing it pop up in by inbox several times. (It means what it sounds like it means.)

And this was all in response to an exceedingly mild and heavily qualified criticism of some video games. It would appear that the only acceptable opinion of video games is that they are all absolutely wonderful. I proposed that some are not wonderful, and for that I must lose my job. You may accuse me of mischaracterizing my piece to make it seem more mild that it really was. I’m not, I promise you. I put forth two basic opinions:

1) Kids shouldn’t spend all day playing them. They should do other things, too, like run around outside and engage in face-to-face conversation.

2) Violent video games are certainly not helpful to a developing mind, and probably harmful. But I qualified “violent” by adding the words “graphic, disturbing, and gory.” I suggested that this sort of violence in entertainment — gratuitous violence, in other words — is not good for anyone.

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